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ICF Swimming Pools


Insulating Concrete Forms are frequently used for many structures around homes and commercial buildings. BuildBlock customers have constructed retaining walls, fences and gates, fire pits and more. We’ve had an increase in request for information around ICF swimming pools. ICFs in swimming pools not only speed up construction, but the insulating foam prevents more than 80% of the heat loss of the pool. This means it’s much cheaper to heat your pool, but also extends the length of the pool season.

ICF pools are being built on many types of projects. Usually found in large custom homes, they are also found in community pools and as an energy efficient addition to existing homes as well.


ICFs primary component is EPS foam. They are easily formed into almost any shape imagined and since they form an extremely flat and smooth wall, they are easily finished to consistent



Most residential swimming pools are built in conjunction with high-end custom homes, and frequently, when the owners choose to build with ICFs for longevity and reduced energy costs, they’ll choose an ICF pool for the same reason.

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