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January 01, 2020

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Storm Shelters

April 11, 2013

North Dallas Concrete is now building 10’ x 10’ x 8′ tall concrete storm shelters completely under ground. We excavate a 16’ x 20’ x 11′ deep hole in your back yard.

After pouring 10″ footings we set up wooden forms for all the walls and stairs. All walls are 8″ thick and 1/2 rebar 12″ on center is used.

We install a drainage system with a pump and use a water tight membrane to keep the room dry. The ceiling and floor is poured at the end and #4 steel for the ceiling is used 6″ on center.

We have 4″ ventilation pipes, an opening for a A/C and heating unit, and a sleeve designated for electrical power.

Options available: buildblock …styrofoam construction, interior finish out, generator back up system and an upgraded design to withstand explosions on top of load ratings.

Prices start at $18,995.00.

Concrete Countertops

February 22, 2013

Concrete counter tops are the new trend. They look great indoors as they do outdoors as part of an outdoor kitchen or living environment. We usually pour counter tops 2-3″ thick depending on individual choice or specifications.
It makes sense to use plenty of steel in the right places to give your counter strength.
TX-Dot mesh is a good choice combined with #3 steel on corners and cut outs.
We also add fiber and water reducers, so that the counter will end up strong and dense.

Call us to quote your concrete counter tops.

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