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Here at North Dallas Concrete we believe in craftsmanship like it was taught in the old days in Germany, where our owner Jens Mueller is from.


Let us apply our skill and experience to your next project.


Services we offer include:

Who says you don't build basements in Texas?
At North Dallas Concrete we build basements, wine cellars, storm shelters, swimming pools and safe rooms with ICF construction.
Want to know more about Insulating Concrete Form construction and all of the benefits this advanced technology offers?

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Replace existing concrete

Refinish existing concrete

Acid and dye stain concrete

Power wash and clean concrete

Seal and finish concrete

Install new concrete

Stamp concrete

Install decorative overlays

Cut and score concrete

Add to driveways

Add to patio decks

Remove old concrete

Repair structural concrete

Level interior and exterior concrete

Custom build and install concrete counter tops

Install epoxy garage floors

Design concrete surfaces and bring them to life

Basements & Wine cellars
Swimming pools
Storm shelters
 Safe rooms

Our goal is to give you the best product with the best value possible.  We’ve changed our process of installing and completing decorative concretes. We use 5 sack concrete mixes ( 3500 psi), compacting the sub soil and cushion sand with a vibrating plate compactor, using 1/2” steel instead of 3/8” like our competitors for all decorative concrete pours.


Finally, we can install integral color which comes pre-mixed from the concrete plant or we will mix it in front of your house by adding color to the truck. This allows for a better quality decorative concrete job. We also are able to use and install color hardeners.


We have many colors available and upon request can match a color of your choice.*

We can salt-finish, stamp, hand trowel, broom finish and power trowel the surface to achieve the desired finish.

Call us at 214/ 727-8627 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be glad to schedule an estimate with you.


*matching concrete colors is very difficult. The result will turn out different every time. We will try to get it as close as possible.


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